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Why Mediation?

Relationships are delicate. When it comes to Separation and Divorce complex and sensitive issues can result in outcomes with lifelong emotional and financial consequences.

Mediation is the means to resolution that can assist you to identify, explore, and resolve your family's needs, concerns and conflicts. It is possible for you to develop new skills to build a co-parenting partnership so that your children can continue to thrive and to benefit from two parents living separately but working together.

Mediation is a completely private process where you can meet with a trained mediator who will assist you to create a unique agreement that reflects the needs for your family and addressses the best interest of your matter how delicate the issue.

Mediation is a welcome alternative to court. The decision making power remains with the parents. It also saves time and money and reduces the tension found in an adversarial court setting. Most importantly, Mediation makes it easier to accept and respect the agreement you have created together.

Mediation for Families

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